• City map of Belgrade in printed form is the latest city map with suburban areas supplemented with all the alterations resulting from the changes that occurred within the city and its wider surroundings. Appropriate choice of colours as well as font type and font size contributed to the map’s modern design and exquisite easy-to-survey quality. Belgrade, with easy-to-survey main roads and important buildings and facilities, is displayed on the cover page, while on the back cover one can find printed: a list of streets with numeric-letter indexes, information on locations and telephone numbers of all important institutions in the city, maps of the suburban areas and a map of “the surrounding area of Belgrade” with marked positions of suburban area maps. New contents made this map excel other maps, thus giving it an additional quality. These new contents, among others, include: City Public Transport lines with marked terminals Information on one way streets in the city Specially designed map with a colourfully displayed layout of “the parking zones”, public parking lots and facilities, location of the car towing service (locally called “spider”), with detailed explanations on the services they provide Detailed maps of a great number of suburban settlements with a wide territory mapping.
    Product codescaledimensions
    0000321: 20 000width 68cm, height 98cm
  • Mini City Map of Belgrade is a small publication only in its format, while content-wise it is rich and powerful. The City of Belgrade with its wider surroundings scaled at 1:50,000 with easy-to-survey main roads and important facilities is depicted on the front cover of this map. The back cover displays a detailed map of Belgrade scaled at 1:20,000 providing users, besides those commonly included data, with the information on: changed street names newly constructed roads and accompanying facilities (road loops, gas stations...) routes and Belgrade metro stations public transport lines and terminals one-way streets locations of cultural, tourism, sport and religious facilities bicycle routes locations of public parking lots, facilities and services locations of schools, post offices, police stations and health care institutions location of Belgrade fair, hippodrome, swimming-pools... In a nutshell, it contains all the pieces of information that all citizens or future visitors of Belgrade can find interesting. It is possible to use this map with only one hand (in the car, in the bus, on the street, in the house...) and its symbolic price makes it available to a wide range of users.
    Product codescaledimensions
    0003031: 20 000width 42cm, height 30cm
  • Besides attractive appearance this 58-page Atlas is exceptionally rich in contents. This small number of pages contains an easy-to-survey map of Serbia and Montenegro scaled at 1:880,000 with a distance table and a term index as well as the most recent Map of Belgrade scaled at 1:20,000 including a list of streets. The Road Map is of a high-quality design that included the application of the most recent cartographic achievements and computer techniques and is highly user-friendly. It contains all the contents required on a road map. It is updated and depicts the most recent situation, above all, in the field of communication as well as all other items of required content. Since Belgrade is an economic and cultural hub of Serbia and the area of Belgrade represents a crossroads of all main roads the Map of Belgrade greatly enriched this Road Atlas. This is a large scale map clearly depicting all the roads, tourist, cultural, religious and sport facilities, schools, health care institutions, public transport network, one-way streets... For easy reference, there is also a printed list of streets with numeric-letter indexes.
    Product codescaledimensions
    000201Serbia 1: 880 000
    Belgrade 1: 20 000
    width 11cm, height 22,5cm
    58 pages
  • City Map of Novi Sad scaled at 1:20,000 is a modern publication that faithfully represents the overall contents of the city and its wider surroundings. Due to the application of the most up-to-date cartographic experiences and methods, as well as to the full-scale computer editing this map has got an attractive design, high level of interpretability and is rich in contents. However, apart from all this, the author put an extra effort to make this map user-friendlier by scaling the city centre at 1:12,500 (large scale map). Specific parts of the city with all the streets included as well as suburban settlements of Sremski Karlovci, Bukovac and Rumenka are all visibly labelled on this map. Tourist, cultural, sports and religious facilities are marked with transparent symbols. What is especially important is that this map includes a detail layout of one-way streets, city transport company bus lines with all terminals as well as the locations of public car-parking lots and facilities. Apart form the list of streets with numeric-letter indexes one can also find a map of “the surrounding area of Novi Sad” scaled at 1: 200,000 with a suburban transport network printed on the back cover of this map. Besides easy-to-survey lines this map also contains all the information about the city transport zones (there are 13 zones), terminals of each of the existing lines as well as the locations of all other stops along a specific line. A conclusion imposes itself: if you are a citizen of Novi Sad or a potential visitor, this map will facilitate your sojourn in Novi Sad and make it even more pleasant.
    Product codescaledimensions
    0000581: 20 000width 33cm, height 48cm
  • City Map of Podgorica is an authentic picture of the capital of Montenegro with all its content and facilities. Within the process of its construction the most up-to-date cartographic methods were used and full-scale computer techniques were applied. Modern design, high level of interpretability and content richness are all the features that distinguish this map. For those who like relief form the author went the extra mile to present all the hills surrounding Podgorica with horizontal lines. Since with its position this city represents unavoidable crossroads on the way to Montenegro Coast, special attention was paid to the clear layout of the main roads so that tourists would easily pass through the city and continue their journeys to the destination they have chosen. However, in addition to all this, the map also contains many other equally important content items: city transport lines with the locations of terminals Tourism facilities (hotels, restaurants...) sport facilities (stadiums, sports halls...) Cultural and religious facilities (monuments, museums, monasteries, churches...) Health care institutions and facilities (pharmacies, health care centres, hospitals...) Schools, green markets, cemeteries, police stations, taxis... Clearly written names of parts of the city and settlements... For easy reference, there is a list of streets printed on the back side of the map with numeric-letter indexes and telephone numbers of taxi associations, health care institutions, public enterprises, rent-a-car services, hotels, restaurants, car repair services, tourism organizations, airway companies, bus and train stations. These particular pieces of information complete this plan and recommend it to a wide range of potential users.
    Product codescaledimensions
    0005821: 19 000width 68cm, height 48cm
  • City map of “NIS” scaled at 1:15,000 is a modern cartographic publication that in an easy to survey manner displays a complete picture of this city. Smooth back plane and tastefully selected colours of other content items made this map attractive and eye pleasing. In addition to its beautiful design this map contains absolutely all necessary information that users could find interesting. There are a number of new content items that make this map stand out when compared to others and are particularly user-friendly: public transport lines with all terminals suburban transport lines scheme with detailed information on zones, stops and kinds of fares detailed layout of “Nis fortress” as the most interesting tourism destination in this city. In addition to other information this map provides users with information on how to easily get off the motorway, reach the airport, the fortress, stadium, hotel... and how to get on the motorway or find other exit road. For easy reference, an “index” of streets, important institutions and facilities is printed on the back side of this map. As Nis is the second largest city in our country and is one of the essential cultural and sports hub, this map will certainly come in handy.
    Product codescaledimensions
    0005811: 15 000width 68cm, height 48cm
  • City map of Zrenjanin is a state of the art cartographic achievement starting from design through selection of symbols to the manner of presentation of certain contents items. This map is easy to survey and shows the most current situation in this town. A great number and variety of displayed elements make it particularly valuable and desirable for potential users. In addition to the main roads and their names as the basic content, this map also shows:
    • City transport lines with terminals and all the stops along each of the lines
    • Community borders and their names
    • One way streets within the city
    • Locations of industrial facilities for which Zrenjanin is famous
    • Tourism, sports, cultural, religious and other facilities, such as: post offices, health care institutions, schools, gas stations, police stations, green markets, city cemeteries, train station agricultural airport...
    The things that are particularly eye-catching are the territories of Communities rendered in different colours. Whit this map in your pocket or handbag - Zrenjanin is without secrets.   For easy reference, there is an “ index” of streets printed in the back side of this map.
    Product codescaledimensions
    0005831: 17 000width 48cm, height 68cm


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