City map of Zrenjanin is a state of the art cartographic achievement starting from design through selection of symbols to the manner of presentation of certain contents items. This map is easy to survey and shows the most current situation in this town. A great number and variety of displayed elements make it particularly valuable and desirable for potential users. In addition to the main roads and their names as the basic content, this map also shows:

  • City transport lines with terminals and all the stops along each of the lines
  • Community borders and their names
  • One way streets within the city
  • Locations of industrial facilities for which Zrenjanin is famous
  • Tourism, sports, cultural, religious and other facilities, such as: post offices, health care institutions, schools, gas stations, police stations, green markets, city cemeteries, train station agricultural airport…

The things that are particularly eye-catching are the territories of Communities rendered in different colours. Whit this map in your pocket or handbag – Zrenjanin is without secrets.   For easy reference, there is an “ index” of streets printed in the back side of this map.

Product code scale dimensions
000583 1: 17 000 width 48cm, height 68cm