Besides attractive appearance this 58-page Atlas is exceptionally rich in contents. This small number of pages contains an easy-to-survey map of Serbia and Montenegro scaled at 1:880,000 with a distance table and a term index as well as the most recent Map of Belgrade scaled at 1:20,000 including a list of streets.
The Road Map is of a high-quality design that included the application of the most recent cartographic achievements and computer techniques and is highly user-friendly. It contains all the contents required on a road map. It is updated and depicts the most recent situation, above all, in the field of communication as well as all other items of required content. Since Belgrade is an economic and cultural hub of Serbia and the area of Belgrade represents a crossroads of all main roads the Map of Belgrade greatly enriched this Road Atlas. This is a large scale map clearly depicting all the roads, tourist, cultural, religious and sport facilities, schools, health care institutions, public transport network, one-way streets…
For easy reference, there is also a printed list of streets with numeric-letter indexes.

Product code scale dimensions
000201 Serbia 1: 880 000
Belgrade 1: 20 000
width 11cm, height 22,5cm
58 pages