Road Map of the Western Balkans is more specifically and more precisely a Road Map of Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia.Within the process of its construction the most up-to-date cartographic methods were used and full-scale computer techniques were applied.Each of the countries is presented in different colour and the combinations with stronger tone of relief shadows contributed to the up-to-datedness of the design of this map as well as to its interpretability.In addition to the fact that this map depicts a wide territory, it is also brimful of various contents and offers more information than many other maps of far larger scale.It is updated with the most current data on main roads, border crossings, changed names of inhabited settlements and other important constituents of a map.There is also an easy-to-survey distance table for quick calculation of distance that enables users to quickly read the mileage between all big towns and cities in this region as well as a scale for easy calculation of distances on the map.A legend with explanations of the symbols used printed in Serbian, English and German.

Product code scale dimensions
00526 1: 550 000 width 145cm, height 125cm
00226 1: 450 000 width 170cm, height 150cm