Bosnia and Herzegovina scaled at 1:700 000 is our new edition of a perfect design, constructed by means of application of the most recent cartographic achievements and computer techniques. Its scale, colour balance and artistically drawn shadows of relief make all the information requested easy to survey and quick to find. In addition to commonly included information this map also offers easy-to-survey “distance table” of inhabited settlements, and for easy reference, there is a term index printed on the back side of the map.
This map has been updated and its content represents the most current situation in Serbia. It is brimful of information, hence can satisfy the pickiest of the users. When folded, it is of a convenient format and easy to put in pocket, handbag, car…
This map is intended for the users from all around the World, therefore its legend is printed in Serbian, German and English.

Product code scale dimensions
000733 1: 700 000 width 44cm, height 55cm