Road Map of Bulgaria is an easy-to-survey and modernly designed map, within whose construction process the most recent cartographic experiences and computer techniques were applied. Road networks as well as other elements of its content are updated according to the most recent developments in this country. Special attention was paid to a detailed layout of the coastal area since there is a high concentration of all important tourism destinations and resorts. Users can easily find the location of the desired destination and choose the top-quality and the shortest road to it. This map also contains information on airports and maritime transport. A legend of used symbols is explained in Serbian and English.
For easy reference, there is a term index printed on the back side of this map. This map is user-friendly and when folded convenient for being carried, so potential travellers to Bulgaria should have it with them in order to make their journey and sojourn in Bulgaria even more pleasant.

Product code scale dimensions
000549 1: 800 000 width 70cm, height 50cm