City Map of Novi Sad scaled at 1:20,000 is a modern publication that faithfully represents the overall contents of the city and its wider surroundings. Due to the application of the most up-to-date cartographic experiences and methods, as well as to the full-scale computer editing this map has got an attractive design, high level of interpretability and is rich in contents. However, apart from all this, the author put an extra effort to make this map user-friendlier by scaling the city centre at 1:12,500 (large scale map). Specific parts of the city with all the streets included as well as suburban settlements of Sremski Karlovci, Bukovac and Rumenka are all visibly labelled on this map. Tourist, cultural, sports and religious facilities are marked with transparent symbols. What is especially important is that this map includes a detail layout of one-way streets, city transport company bus lines with all terminals as well as the locations of public car-parking lots and facilities.
Apart form the list of streets with numeric-letter indexes one can also find a map of “the surrounding area of Novi Sad” scaled at 1: 200,000 with a suburban transport network printed on the back cover of this map. Besides easy-to-survey lines this map also contains all the information about the city transport zones (there are 13 zones), terminals of each of the existing lines as well as the locations of all other stops along a specific line. A conclusion imposes itself: if you are a citizen of Novi Sad or a potential visitor, this map will facilitate your sojourn in Novi Sad and make it even more pleasant.

Product code scale dimensions
000058 1: 20 000 width 33cm, height 48cm
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