Road Map of Greece is a modernly designed road-touristic map rich in content. Besides the territory of Greece this map includes the territories of Albania, Macedonia and Turkey. Owing to the double side printing technique, an area this big is displayed in small format. The map is particularly easy-to-survey and user-friendly. The combination of traffic and tourism content puts special emphasis on this map since the most prominent tourism destinations are those along the coasts of Greece and Turkey. Among other content items, main road networks with mileage, ferry lines and locations of airports are transparently displayed. The territory of Greece was elaborated in more detail than the territory outside the Greek borders. Names of settlements are written both in Modern Greek (native form) and in the translated (transcribed) form. There is also a detailed layout of the locations of archaeological and cultural heritage sites from different periods:

Minoan and Mycenaean periods
Period of Classical Greece and Hellenistic-Roman period
Byzantine and Franco-Venetian period and
Period of Turkish dominance
An easy-to-survey legend of used symbols is explained in Serbian, English and German. When folded this map is handy to have in a pocket, bag, glove compartment of your car…

Product code scale dimensions
000532 1: 1 200 000 width 70cm, height 50cm