• Atlas of Blank Outline Maps of the World is a geography exercise book designed in compliance with the curriculum/syllabus that is being implemented in our schools. Besides a number of physical maps of the world intended for entering various data, this Atlas includes a great number of other content elements of equal importance for the acquisition of geography curricular items, such as: universe – Solar system, galaxy universe, the Earth’s movement – the Moon’s movement, Lunar eclipse, seasons… cartography – projections in cartography, cartographic symbols and depth-height scale relief presented by isohypses – terrain cross-section lithosphere – cross-section of the Earth atmosphere – average air temperatures hydrosphere – sea currents biosphere – vegetation distribution political map of the World This comprehensive and high quality exercise book enables students easily check the level of the curriculum items acquired and ensures passing exams with flying colours.
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    000028width 21cm, height 29,7cm 16 pages
  • Atlas of Continents is a geography exercise book designed in line with the curriculum/syllabus that is being implemented in our schools. Physical and political maps of all continents are clearly displayed with all borders, rivers and locations of big towns entered. Physical maps are embellished with shadows of relief to facilitate students work during in-class exercises.
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    000029width 21cm, height 29,7cm 28 pages
  • Atlas of Blank Outline Maps of World and Europe is a geography exercise book designed fully in line with the curriculum that is being implemented in our schools. It is so craftily and professionally designed that doing exercises within it is a pure enjoyment. Shadows of relief imprinted on the physical maps directly remind students of the exact position of mountain ranges and valleys. Country borders, rivers, locations of big towns, seas and lakes are displayed on all maps. Remaining elements are to be located and entered by students through in-class exercises.  
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    000027width 21cm, height 29,7cm 16 pages
  • Atlas of Blank Outline Maps of Serbia is a geography exercise book designed in line with the curriculum requirements that is being implemented in our schools. There is a printed map of Europe on page one in order to observe the position of Serbia. Remaining pages of this Atlas display blank outline maps of Serbia, on which you can enter various content elements, such as: relief regions soil types climate types flora river and lake network spas economy map National Parks population and settlements road and rail transport... The printed maps contain country and provincial borders, rivers, lakes, locations of big towns and gently imprinted shadows of relief that help students orient easily. Remaining elements students have to locate and enter themselves, hence this publication is in itself an exercise book.
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    000063width 21cm, height 29,7cm 16 pages
  • This GEOGRAPHIC ATLAS is a modernly designed, scientific-technical and artistically developed publication, drawn up in line with the most current curriculum that is being implemented in our schools. Apart from cartographers, prominent experts and PhDs in other related fields of study, above all, geographers from the Belgrade University also participated in the design process of this Atlas. Pursuant to the Decision issued by the Minister of Education this Atlas was approved to be used within the fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth grade primary school curricula. The most recent achievements in the field of cartography and graphics were applied within the design process of this Atlas and the full-scale editing was done using computer technologies. The concept of a geographic map as well as the concept of map scale, along with some useful information on universe, celestial bodies, cosmos and planet Earth are all presented on the first couple of pages of this Atlas. This Atlas contains 39 physical-geographical maps, 8 political maps and 28 thematic maps, as well as 187 country flags with data on capital cities, area, population and population density for each of the countries concerned. Physical-geographical maps are of different scales, ranging from 1:800,000 (Montenegro) to 1:93,000,000 (World); the usage of depth-height scale and shadows creates an exceptional impression of relief plasticity. Political maps with craftily selected colours make a clear distinction between the countries and specific administrative units. Thematic maps deal with a number of important topics, such as: population density, vegetation, natural resources, industry distribution, sea currents, average temperatures, river basins, language groups, religions... All maps are updated in accordance with the socio-political developments and show the most recent situation.
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    000065width 22cm, height 32cm
    84 pages hard cover


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