Atlas of Blank Outline Maps of the World is a geography exercise book designed in compliance with the curriculum/syllabus that is being implemented in our schools.
Besides a number of physical maps of the world intended for entering various data, this Atlas includes a great number of other content elements of equal importance for the acquisition of geography curricular items, such as:

universe – Solar system, galaxy
universe, the Earth’s movement – the Moon’s movement, Lunar eclipse, seasons…
cartography – projections in cartography, cartographic symbols and depth-height scale
relief presented by isohypses – terrain cross-section
lithosphere – cross-section of the Earth
atmosphere – average air temperatures
hydrosphere – sea currents
biosphere – vegetation distribution
political map of the World
This comprehensive and high quality exercise book enables students easily check the level of the curriculum items acquired and ensures passing exams with flying colours.

Product code dimensions
000028 width 21cm, height 29,7cm
16 pages