Atlas of Non-Europe Continents is a geography exercise book designed in line with the curriculum/syllabus that is being implemented in our schools and whose usage is approved by the decision issued by the Minister of Education. Physical and political maps of all continents apart from Europe are clearly displayed with all borders, rivers and locations of big towns entered. Physical maps are embellished with shadows of relief to facilitate students work during in-class exercises.
The Atlas contains the following blank outlined maps:

The World-physical and political map
Asia-physical and political map
South West Asia-political map
India-political map
South East Asia-political map
China, Mongolia, Japan, Korea-political map
Africa-physical and political map
North West Africa-political map
Egypt-political map
Congo Basin-political map
South Africa-political map
North America-physical and political map
The USA-physical map
Mexico, Central America-political map
South America-physical and political map
Australia and Oceania-physical map
Arctic and Antarctica-physical map

Product codedimensions
000029width 21cm, height 29,7cm
16 pages