Road Map of Vojvodina is cartographically edited according to high quality standards and represents a map rich in contents. With its design and easy-to-survey quality of contents presented it captures users’ attention. This map is updated according to the most recent changes and shows a real situation in practice. Besides a detailed road network, that is a baseline element of its content, there are numerous other elements presented on this map that especially contributes to its quality. These are, above all, tourism contents elements, such as lakes, spas, fishponds, fortresses, cultural monuments, monasteries, hotels, motels…Fruška Gora National Park that represents a real treasure trove of cultural heritage of Vojvodina is displayed with all its contents.District (Okrug) and municipality borders as well as the way towns are labelled provide this map with features of a political map.It is due to this variety of contents that this map can be recommended to the widest possible range of users.

Product code scale dimensions
00280 1: 150 000 width 160cm, height 140cm
00037 1: 200 000 width 110cm, height 95cm