• Detailed, current cartography. Shaded, mathematically generated relief.
    The sea and the ocean floor are shaded and displayed on a barometric scale. In addition to the physical elements, the map also contains all the elements of a political map.
    This map represents a complete view of the World with all the necessary elements in high detail.
    Ready To Mount
    Language: English.
    Product code scale projection dimensions
    004942 1: 35 000 000 equal earth width 100cm, height 65cm
  • Map is for schools, organizations, or anyone who needs a map showing the physical landscape of Serbia.Hypsometric scale represent the elevation of the terrain with colours.The texts on the map can be in serbian language (cyrillic or latin).  
    Product code scale dimensions
    00205 1: 450 000 width 100cm, height 145cm
    00222 1: 300 000 width 140cm, height 210cm