• Judging from its format, the Road Map of Montenegro is the smallest map, however, according to its contents it can be placed among the richest of our publications. It was designed and cartographically edited in such a way that it does not tire its user but it simply offers information. The application of shadows put a special emphasis on the attractive relief of Montenegro. Besides commonly used contents, this map displays municipality borders and clearly specified National Parks. Having in mind that due to its geographical position Montengro is mostly a tourism-oriented country, the back cover of this map is primarily intended to be used by tourists. There are also large scale maps of big towns (Podgorica, Budva, Kotor and Herceg Novi), photos of alluring tourist attractions as well as an easy-to-survey Montenegro Coast Map. It is this very “Montenegro Coast Map” that shows the comprehensive tourism content of the Adriatic coast, from Igalo to Ulcinj, with all the destinations and names of over 150 beaches. The map also includes a term index and a legend of symbols used in Serbian, English, German and Russian. It is uprdated and depicts the most recent situation in this region. It is convenient for being carried and useful to, above all, potential visitors of Montenegro Coast.
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    0000801: 550 000width 35cm, height 50cm
  • City Map of Podgorica is an authentic picture of the capital of Montenegro with all its content and facilities. Within the process of its construction the most up-to-date cartographic methods were used and full-scale computer techniques were applied. Modern design, high level of interpretability and content richness are all the features that distinguish this map. For those who like relief form the author went the extra mile to present all the hills surrounding Podgorica with horizontal lines. Since with its position this city represents unavoidable crossroads on the way to Montenegro Coast, special attention was paid to the clear layout of the main roads so that tourists would easily pass through the city and continue their journeys to the destination they have chosen. However, in addition to all this, the map also contains many other equally important content items:city transport lines with the locations of terminals Tourism facilities (hotels, restaurants...) sport facilities (stadiums, sports halls...) Cultural and religious facilities (monuments, museums, monasteries, churches...) Health care institutions and facilities (pharmacies, health care centres, hospitals...) Schools, green markets, cemeteries, police stations, taxis... Clearly written names of parts of the city and settlements... For easy reference, there is a list of streets printed on the back side of the map with numeric-letter indexes and telephone numbers of taxi associations, health care institutions, public enterprises, rent-a-car services, hotels, restaurants, car repair services, tourism organizations, airway companies, bus and train stations. These particular pieces of information complete this plan and recommend it to a wide range of potential users.
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    0005821: 19 000width 68cm, height 48cm
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