• The Political World Map shows the boundaries of all countries, alon with the relief.Each country is represented by a own color.The texts on the map can be in serbian language (cyrillic or latin) as well as in english.
    Product codescaledimensions
    003071: 28 500 000width 150cm, height 100cm
  • Administrative map of Serbia thematic map represents the Republic of Serbia divided into administrative districts and local units (municipalities).Each district is represented by a own color while the municipal that perishes in that district is in shades of that color.A road network is also present on map.The map is ideal for planning and monitoring business activity in a specific territory.
    Product codescaledimensions
    000621: 420 000width 100cm, height 125cm
    004451: 300 000width 140cm, height 180cm
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