Tourist Info Map of Serbia is a new edition. Of modern design, made using the latest techniques in the production of tourist maps.

On the one hand, there is a road map of Serbia with selected attractions to visit.

The rich natural and cultural-historical heritage of Serbia is shown with appropriate icons.

On the back, in addition to up-to-date information about Serbia, are suggestions from one of our best guides, Zeljko Petrovic.

What to see and visit?

What to do?

What to eat? …

Its content is actual, full of information and can satisfy even the most discerning users.

It printed in A3 format. The user can, in a simple and intuitive way, fold the map into 4 (A5) or 8 (A6) parts for easier manipulation.


Product code scale dimensions
1 : 1 400 000 width 42cm, height 30cm