Small Pocket Dictionaries are modern publications that together with a map constitute a necessary set of items for every potential traveller abroad, and especially for those who do not speak the language of the country they intend to visit.
Published are German, English, Spanish, Turkish, Greek, French, Italian, Russian, Hungarian, Slovenian, Polish, Albanian and Chinese Dictionaries as well as a Serbian Dictionary for foreigners entitled: “SERBIAN for everyone”.

These dictionaries are perfectly designed, are of a user-friendly format and contain over 4,000 words and phrases. They are conceptually designed in such a way to easily introduce users to the foreign language – the simplest references from everyday life are introduced first, then come the explanations for the words and phrases that are commonly used while travelling and spending time in a foreign country.
These dictionaries will especially help those users who literally do not know a word of the language used in a country they intend to visit. They will assist you in all possible situations:

  • At the airport, bus and train stations
  • At the border crossing
  • At the auto repair or auto parts shop
  • At the hotel reception and at a restaurant
  • In a shop, at the post office, in a bank…
  • At the chemist’s shop, at the doctor’s
  • At the hairdresser’s…
  • On the beach, during a winter holiday or camping

For easy reference, words are not given individually, but in the form of questions, answers or statements that are most frequently used in given situations. There is an easy-to-survey map of the country concerned printed on the back cover of most dictionaries published, thus increasing their value to a great extent.
Our advice is: Do not start your journey without a dictionary in your pocket.

Product code dimensions
000486 width 11cm, height 22,5cm
80 pages