New edition of school geographic map of SERBIA scaled at 1: 1,200,000 was drawn pursuant to the most recent curriculum that is being implemented in our schools. Besides transparently presented thematic content, relief plasticity is also emphasized by means of depth-height scale and shadows. It is these features in particular that make orientation for students easier.
Apart from the rich contents, on the page one of this map there is a map legend with detailed explanation of all symbols used. On the back cover of this map there is a printed list of inhabited settlements, mountains, lakes, rivers, spas, hydro power plants, thermal power station, monasteries and caves with numeric-letter indexes so that they could be found on the map with less effort. The things that put extra emphasis to this map are two highly artistically and professionally drawn thematic maps. The first one displays vegetation and natural resources of the Republic of Serbia, and the second one shows industry distribution.
When folded it is convenient for being carried in a schoolbag.

Product code scale dimensions
000382 1: 1 200 000 width 35cm, height 50cm