City map of Niš  is a modern city plan that in an easy to survey manner displays a complete picture of this city. Smooth back plane and tastefully selected colours of other content items made this map attractive and eye pleasing.  In addition to its beautiful design this map contains absolutely all necessary information that users could find interesting. There are a number of new content items that make this map stand out when compared to others and are particularly user-friendly:public transport lines with all terminalsdetailed layout of “Nis fortress” as the most interesting tourism destination in this city.In addition to other information this map provides users with information on how to easily get off the motorway, reach the airport, the fortress, stadium, hotel… and how to get on the motorway or find other exit road. For easy reference, an “index” of streets, important institutions and facilities is printed.As Niš is the second largest city in our country and is one of the essential cultural and sports hub, this map will certainly come in handy.

Product code scale dimensions
00588 1: 7 500 width 180cm, height 90cm