• A World Scratch Map can solve the problem of keeping track of your travels. By scratching off the countries or territories you have visited, you can visually record your journey and create a unique, personalized map that serves as a lasting reminder of your adventures. They are well-designed, easy to use and make a great gift.Product information: Map dimensions: 500 x 300 mm Tube dimensions: 320 x 65 mm Wooden framed map dimensions: 540 x 340 mmFront: World Map Back: Flags of countries with statistic data, interesting geographical facts Language: English 
  • Detailed, current cartography. Shaded, mathematically generated relief.
    The sea and the ocean floor are shaded and displayed on a barometric scale. In addition to the physical elements, the map also contains all the elements of a political map.
    This map represents a complete view of the World with all the necessary elements in high detail.
    Ready To Mount
    Language: English.
    Product codescaleprojectiondimensions
    0049421: 35 000 000equal earthwidth 100cm, height 65cm
  • Map is for schools, organizations, or anyone who needs a map showing countries and continents.Hypsometric scale represent the elevation of the terrain with colours.The texts on the map can be in serbian language (cyrillic or latin).
    Product codescaledimensions
    002301: 28 500 000width 150cm, height 100cm
  • Atlas of Blank Outline Maps of the World is a geography exercise book designed in compliance with the curriculum/syllabus that is being implemented in our schools. Besides a number of physical maps of the world intended for entering various data, this Atlas includes a great number of other content elements of equal importance for the acquisition of geography curricular items, such as:universe – Solar system, galaxy universe, the Earth’s movement – the Moon’s movement, Lunar eclipse, seasons… cartography – projections in cartography, cartographic symbols and depth-height scale relief presented by isohypses – terrain cross-section lithosphere – cross-section of the Earth atmosphere – average air temperatures hydrosphere – sea currents biosphere – vegetation distribution political map of the World This comprehensive and high quality exercise book enables students easily check the level of the curriculum items acquired and ensures passing exams with flying colours.
    Product codedimensions
    000028width 21cm, height 29,7cm 16 pages
  • Map of the World scaled at 1: 86 000 000 is a cartographic achievement resulting from the applied combination of the most current methods of contents display on maps and a full-scale application of computer techniques. It is designed in accordance with the curriculum/syllabus that is being implemented in our schools and pursuant to the Decision issued by the Minister of Education approved to be used.
    Product codescaledimensions
    0003811: 86 000 000width 35cm, height 50cm
  • The Political World Map shows the boundaries of all countries, alon with the relief.Each country is represented by a own color.The texts on the map can be in serbian language (cyrillic or latin) as well as in english.
    Product codescaledimensions
    003071: 28 500 000width 150cm, height 100cm
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