Our activities are :

1. Electronic map production – all maps produced by the”MAGIC MAP” are made by computer technique and software.
All maps are compatible with the Apple Machintosh and PC computers.

The scope of work meaning the diversified map types in rather wide comprizing:

– road-maps of all types and sizes;
– city plans of all types and sizes;
– tourist and tracking maps;
– nautic maps;
– geography maps;
– viewmaps, etc.

2. Fitting of the already existing maps which are made in the classical way in the electronic (vector) forms.
“MAGIC MAP” is specialized in the area of transformation of the maps previously made in the classical way into the “electronic” maps.

3. Classical method of maps production
Magic Map” has group of part-time employees extremely specialized in maps production using the manual way of mapping so that also such production is possible, if required, although this method is being left behind.

4. Relief simulation development (3D effect)
“MAGIC MAP” is proud to have experts highly professional in this area.

5.Interactive maps and plans production
“MAGIC MAP” developed the production of interactive maps for different purposes (on CD/DVD and internet usage).


6. Corrections on maps made using classical method of mapping
“MAGIC MAP” has experts and tehnical possibilities required for any corrections on maps made using the classical method of mapping.

7. Surveying at Site
“MAGIC MAP” has extremely high quality staff capable of these specific activities requiring maximum knowledge of cartography. Major advantage beside the superrior quality and the best terms of delivery is the price wich is usually very interesting