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As a very interesting marketing support to all the efforts invested in acquiring an adequate position on the market one can find
The Personalized Map,
a map or an atlas with entered positions of outlets, information related to the products and services with a  personalized front-page cover.
These maps are also intended to be sold and can constitute a part of a company’s supply chain.  
A company that advertises in such a way, and with which a joint sales contract has been signed, is not obliged to finance the manufacturing of this kind of map in advance.
Advantages of a personalized map are the following:
- Besides all the important data included in the map, clients have the opportunity to have the information related to the company, its services and the state of infrastructure. 
- The sense of affiliation is strengthened, since clients are provided with the information that there is a wish on the part of the company to provide an additional service that is of imminent importance to the client.
- Costs of manufacturing of this kind of map cannot be viewed as expenditure; moreover, by selling it one can only gain profit!

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