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Product name: South East Europe, Road Map

Format: 50 x 70 cm,
Folded : 11,5 x 24 cm

Letter : Latin

Scale: 1:1 800 000





The Road Map of South East Europe is a small-format map including wide-territory mapping. Apart from the countries of this region it also includes West Turkey. This is achieved by means of adequate scale and double side printing technique application. Although it falls into the category of small-scale maps, the combination of easy-to-survey symbols and smooth shadows of relief contributed to the overall high interpretability of the map and made it highly user-friendly. The full-scale editing was carried out by using computer techniques with the application of the most recent cartographic practices. The content is updated for the whole mapped territory in accordance with the most recent changes that took place in this region. Apart from exquisitely designed cover and back pages there, on the cover page one can find a legend of used symbols in Serbian, English and German as well as an easy-to-survey distance table providing users with quick information on the distance between certain towns and cities within

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